(October 6, 2018)


REF: The International Festival of Ecology Films – Eco Fest – brings to Romania the newest genre documentary films


On Tuesday, October 9th., at 13.00, the Opening Gala of  ECO FEST, eighth edition, takes place in the aula of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest.

There are five days of eco-inspired films, debates and workshops, with directors, producers, filmmakers and other artists. Every day the festival takes place in another location in Bucharest. Wednesday, at Jean Monnet High School, Thursday – at Tudor Vladimirescu High School, and Friday at Gheorghe Lazar College.

ECO FEST is not just a competition for the latest ecologically-themed films. It’s an attitude. It is an attempt to change mentalities for the better. For eight years in Romania, ECO FEST offers the young audience the opportunity to watch documentary films made as an art, combining the secrets of cinema with science and love for nature, humans and animals. The public rarely comes out of the projection room, other than excited by the stories illustrated in such sensitive ways. The educational and artistic workshops included in the festival are debate and art ones, where children and young people are actively involved, as a proof of the success for an alternative education.

The festival presents the most valuable long, medium or short films, documentaries of Romanian or foreign origin, made in recent years, having as theme the protection of the environment or the ecology under its various aspects.

The films will be presented in 1-4 screenings per day, with free access for the interested audience, with a special emphasis on attraction and interactive participation of students.

The screenings, debates and artistic or educational workshops debates and workshops will benefit by the contribution of filmmakers, distributors, film critics from Romania and abroad, international film festival organizers, educational factors with responsibility in environmental policies.

Eco Fest 2018  is organized by the European Ecology Initiative Association and funded by the National Center for Cinematography. Partners: General School Inspectorate – Bucharest, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine – Bucharest, Jean Monnet Theoretical High School, Theoretical High School Tudor Vladimirescu, National College Gheorghe Lazar, CEZ Romania, TAROM, Urlati Domains.



The Eco Fest program is as follows:

October 9, 2018 – University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Bucharest

13.00 – Opening Gala of  Eco Fest Romania, presentation of international Jury and guests

14:00 – Competition film – ALWAYS ON THE RUN, BUT NOT TODAY  – Romania – 2017 – 25 min


October 10, 2018 – Jean Monnet  High School

14,00 – 16,30 – Competition films


– HUMAN ENERGY  – Great Britain – Poland – 2018 – 60 min

– ABOUT ME AND YOU AND FRIENDS  – Bulgaria 2017 – 28 min

– NORDLYS – THE NORTHERN LIGHTS  – Portugal – 2016 – 6 min

– ONCE UP TO A TIME IN JOGYAKARTA  – Indonesia – 2017 – 15 min


– Short history of Romanian cinema

–  Film makeup

– The digital revolution

– History, cinema, ecology

– Let’s eat healthy

– Drawing workshops with Mariana Pachis and Mihai Pânzaru PIM


October 11, 2018 – Tudor Vladimirescu High School

12,00 – 14,30 – Competition films


– STRAWS  – USA 2017 – 32 min

– THE TREE AND ME  – Croatia – 2017 – 30 min

– TRINIDADE ISLAND – Brazil – 2018 – 27 min

– PATAGONIA – THE TIP OF THE WORLD – Portugal – 2018 – 8 min

– TO WAKE – BUDDHI – South Africa – 2017 – 15 min



– Short history of Romanian cinema

– History, cinema, ecology

–  Film makeup

– Let’s eat healthy

– Drawing workshops with Mariana Pachis and Mihai Pânzaru PIM


October 12, 2018 – Gheorghe Lazar National College

12,00 – Award Ceremony of Eco Fest Romania

13,00 – screening of main award film