Lavinia Sandru

President EcoFest, President IEE European Ecology Initiative Association

A Chinese proverb says that when the wind changes direction, some people build walls, and others, windmills. We are one of those who build windmills, but not to give Don Quijote the occasion to work … although, sometimes, only the loyal Rosinanta is missing, to feel exactly like the knight with cardboard arms. We try to change attitudes, correct mentalities, open hearts and minds through culture, out of love for nature.

We have a lot of environmental issues. Massive deforestation, destruction of natural resources, pollution of land and water are themes of the films presented at ECO FEST, both Romanian and foreign productions, during eight-years long editions. Despite having an extraordinary asset, Romania seems to have wrongly chosen the way and strives to “escape” its most valuable charisma: virgin nature. The ECO FEST mission is to fire alarm signals.

Instead of support, we encounter obstacles. Instead of raising windmills, and with their help to provide energy to sustain environmental policies, we hit the walls raised by those who do not want to hear the frustrating truth that we are saying. There are many who love silence, but there are also many who love the truth spoken out on the screens of the International Festival of Ecology Films. To the latter I want to thank them in particular, because they understand that being an ecologist means to be one step ahead of everyone.


Vladimir Marin

Artistic Director Eco Fest, Selector

The signals that our Planet sends us lately are increasingly explicit and alarming.
It looks like Mother Nature is getting tired to allow the aggressive and self-destructive unconsciousness of the human species.The factors responsible for our destiny are still acting hesitating, unconcerned,most often being limited to a regional or local level.In this context, the declared objective of our manifestation is to bring awareness, especially among young people, of the importance of safeguarding the environment,
the need to find the balance of cohabitation in and with nature.

The fact that, from all of those called to get involved in this approach, school and teachers responded like every time with interest and without hesitation, leads us to hope that our effort will not end up without results in the consciousness and attitude of the young generations towards the environment and implicitly to the quality of everyone’s life.