The indifference-free zone begins here !

Indifference is a bare land. No seed produces any fruit. In such a land any hopes are dried and ideals are killed.
Indifference is like a red evil soul. It can not carry anything forward. No thread of love.
Indifference hurts not only the wearer, but everything on it’s way. It’s not just hideous, it’s also contagious.
For a few years, we have designed to mark the boundaries of an Indifference-Free Zone.
Every activity we develop here, with you, helps us to widen the area of this zone.
There is still room to grow! There is still a need!
Each child participating in our activities is a bud emerged from the wilderness.
Every parent proud of his child, is like a tree meant to cast shadow when it’s hot and to keep the moist when it’s drought.
Let’s grow together!

Indifference- Free Zone aims to:

  • Empower young generation about everyone’s role for keeping a healthy environment;
  • Prepare us for the Energy-Climate Era;
  • Place ecology at the forefront of our concerns;
  • Educate young people for a healthy, ecological, beneficial to the body nourishment;
  • Combat  indifference against   the scourge of the 21st. century, drugs.