SPAIN – 2018

Duration: 24 min
Director: Maddi Barber
Screenplay: Maddi Barber
Photography: Maddi Barber
Editor: Mirari Echavarri, Maddi Barber
Producers: Maddi Barber, Ainhoa Andraka – DOXA Producciones, Granada Centre for  Visual  Anthropology  – UoM

What life chances are left when a territory is completely altered? On the slopes of the Navarrese Pyrenees, the construction of the Itoiz dam in the 1990s flooded seven towns and three nature reserves. A strip of bare land at the height of elevation 592 today marks a dividing line in the landscape of the valley. Below the level, the water; Above, life goes on.This short film tracks the lives of Ilargi, a shepherd and Javier, a forest keeper, in their daily works “above” 592 metres with cattle and birds of prey.