Heading North, Folowing the Ural and Kamaz Trails

ROMANIA – 2015

Road documentary
Duration: 97 min

Participating members: Mihai Ţucă (adventurer, initiator of the trip), Florentin Tufa (photographer), Andrei Rădulescu (cameraman), Sebastian Popescu (crew member), Andrei Muşeţeanu (crew member), Andrei Nistor (crew member), George Oprea (cameraman), Cornel Zamfirescu (crew member, translator, mechanic)


Heading  for Tiksi, a small town situated in the extreme  northern part of the Sakha Yakutia Republic, Russia, Siberia, at more than 550 km north from the Polar Circle, on the shore of the Laptev Sea, or in other words, on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.



To try to translate the natural language of Northern Siberia into Romanian, to  feel the tough  living conditions of Russian taiga and tundra, to get closer and discover once again the unbounded Russia.