Lavinia Sandru

President EcoFest


We live times when human activities affect the health of the planet more than in any other age of history. Global warming, massive deforestation, destruction of natural resources, water pollution.Nobody is at shelter. It is the despair of the Amazonian jungle tribes, who have seen the reduction of areas in which they have been living for centuries, but also that of the peasants in southern region of Romania, in Oltenia, where the land is affected by desertification.

These are issues  pushing the whole mankind, and they can only find solutions through the involvement of each of us. By combining these experiences, ECO FEST outlines a diverse puzzle that relates naturally with the audience.

The ECO FEST mission is to trigger an alarm signal, but also to generate engagement.

Cinematographic means and artistic language help us to convey this message more easily to the public.

Rarely, in the nine years since we organize ECO FEST, the audience came out of the projection hall, otherwise than excited.

ECO FEST is not just a competition for the latest ecology-themed films, but  also an attitude, an attempt to change mentalities for the better. We are waiting for you at our 9th. edition, organized in Sinaia, to continue this adventure for the Health of the Earth


Vladimir Marin

Artistic Director ECO FEST

  In an increasingly turbulent world, in which globalization becomes
increasingly controversial, the issue of safeguarding nature and the environment
has become planetary and synonymous with the survival of humanity itself. In the often dissonant concert of political, economical, social and scientific factors, the voice of cinematic art is perhaps the most convincing
and is unifying energies, with a decisive impact on individual and collective consciousness. The 9th. edition of ECO FEST aims to continue its vocation to address with predilection to youth, to inform, educate and make responsible first and foremost the young generation, the beneficiary of the future of the planet.

Vladimir Marin – Artistic Director ECO FEST







Ileana Perneș Dănălache

Romania – Film critic

Theater and film critic. She graduated from The National University of Drama and Cinematography “I.L. Caragiale”, section – Filmology-Theatrology. She has 37 years activity in the field of cinematographic art.  Between 1992 and 2000 is National Coordinator of the European intergovernmental Audiovisual Program “Eureka Audiovisual”. Member of the Filmmakers Union of Romania. Vice President and founding member of the Romanian Film Association”Document.Art.”

Member of several juries of film (“Contemporania”, International Film Festival “Document.Art”,  “Dreamfest” Slatina, “Ecofest” etc). Receives The National Award for interviews and essays of the National Council of Journalists (1987). Plaque of honor for lifetime achievement offered by newspaper “Zaman” Romania. Author of  “18 interviews” dedicated to Romanian filmmakers (2015). Member of Romanian Association of Public Relations (ARRP); member of the Honorable Jury since  2014.


Alexander Grozev

Bulgaria – Film critic, Festival founder and director

  He is a very well-known film critic from Bulgaria. PhD in the Theory of Cinema, Professor of Film History at the South-West University, lecturer for film critic at the National Academy of Film. Jury member at many international film festivals. Member of the Bulgarian Filmmakers’ Association and member in the publishing board of Kino magazine, as well. Founder and Director of LOVE IS FOLLY – Film Festival in Varna, counting for 27 editions. Alexander Grozev was Manager of the National Film Center of Bulgaria, representing member of Bulgaria in the European Association for Media Programs. He published 16 books dedicated to film theory and history and wrote many reviews in publications from U.K., Germany, Russia.


Mihai Orăşanu

Producător, Inginer de sunet, Profesor Universitar


  In his long career in the field of Romanian cinematography, he produced more than 20 full and short length features and, as sound engineer ,he managed and supervised the soundtrack production of more than 70 full length features.
He is also Professor Doctor at the Film Faculty of the National University of Theater and Film (UNATC) in Bucharest.
Member in the juries of many national and international film festivals (documentaries, features and student works).
Manager of the national project called /The Caravan of the Romanian Films/.
He has also been a member of =The Producer/s Network = at several editions of the Cannes Film Festival.



Dumitru Olarescu

Filmmaker, Ph.D. in Art Studies

Since 1969 he has been working in the field of cinematography as editor.He got recognition as a screenwriter; Artistic Director of the Cinema Studio “Life” – National Cinematography Center of the Republic of Moldova; Screenwriter of 60 short and long documentary films; Coordinating Scientific Researcher, Head of Theater, Cinema and TV Arts – Institute of Cultural Patrimony, Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Professor at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts of the Republic of Moldova.

Author of more than 70 scientific studies (about aesthetics, semiotics, hermeneutics, poetics and cinematic language), published in the country and abroad.

Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Moldova, 1990; Master Emeritus in the Arts, 1993;

Knight of the Order of Honor, 2011; “Dimitrie Cantemir” Medal of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova for Valuable Scientific Achievements, 2017;

Grand Prix for the feature “Witnesses Are Charged”, International Cinema Festival EXO-90, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, 1990;

Grand Prix for the feature film “Aria”, International Cronograph Festival, Kishinev, 2005.


Mihaela Dracea

Romania – Deputy Director, Mihail Cantacuzino College, Sinaia

She is a young and enthusiast college director from Sinaia, professor in Biology, graduate of Bucharest University, Faculty of Bilogy. She has a vast teaching and educational activity, is an expert in educational management and training for adults and children.

She has participated in the International Education Festival in Ploiesti and several international projects of the Erasmus + program and published several studies and articles in the field of education, biology and vocational training.




Vessela Zareva

Bulgaria – Director, Filmmaker

Vessela Zareva is a well known Bulgarian film maker. She graduated from PSWFiT (Lodz, Poland) and from VGIK (Moscow, Russia) specializing in Film directing. Her filmography consists of more than 50 documentary films, some of which have been selected in numerous International and National Film Festivals, winning a number of prizes. Vessela Zareva is a member of the Bulgarian Union of Film Makers.



Awards of the International Jury of Professionals

Diploma of Merit

Heading North, Folowing
the Ural and Kamaz Trails

ROMANIA – 2015

Road documentary

Participating members: Mihai Ţucă (adventurer, initiator of the trip), Florentin Tufa (photographer), Andrei Rădulescu (cameraman), Sebastian Popescu (crew member), Andrei Muşeţeanu (crew member), Andrei Nistor (crew member), George Oprea (cameraman), Cornel Zamfirescu (crew member, translator, mechanic)

Original idea award

ex aequo

In a Nut Shell


A film by Fabio Friedli
Production & Animation: YK Animation Studio GmbH Lukas Pulver, Joder von Rotz, Ramon Schoch, Sebastian Willener
In coproduction with:  SRF Swiss Radio and Television



Geamana Village

ROMANIA – 2019

Screenplay, Photography, Editing, Direction: Mariana Pachis
Soundtrack and performance: Dragoș Mocanu

Best short film award

Scenes from a dry city

USA – South Africa – 2018

Directors: Francois Verster, Simon Wood
Screenplay: Francois Verster, Simon Wood
Photography: Francois Verster, Simon Wood
Editor: Khalid Shamis

Best photography award

Becoming Animal


Directors: Emma Davie, Peter Mettler with the words and presence of David Abram
Screenplay: Emma Davie, Peter Mettler
Photography: Peter Mettler
Editors: Petter Mettler, Emma Davie
Music  Atom TM, Thomas Tallis, Gregorio Allegri
Producers: MAXIMAGE, SDI Productions Ltd., Creative Scotland

Best Screenplay Award


INDIA – 2017

Director:  Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Screenplay: Sahana Balkal, Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Photography: Ashwini Kumar Bhat
Editor: Karthik Murali
Composer: Praven D. Rao
Producers: Crowfunding, Rohini Nilekani Philantropies, Lanscape Wizards

Special Award of the Jury


FINLAND – 2017

Director:  Petteri Saario
Screenplay: Petteri Saario
Cast  Rikka Karpinen, Juha Karpinen, Tiina Karpinen
Editor: Petteri Saario
Producers: Petteri Saario, Tiina Saario – DOC ART, YLE, FINNISH FILM FOUNDATION

Eco Fest Grand Prix

awarded by the Students’ Jury


Heading North, Folowing
the Ural and Kamaz Trails

ROMANIA – 2015

Road documentary

Participating members: Mihai Ţucă (adventurer, initiator of the trip), Florentin Tufa (photographer), Andrei Rădulescu (cameraman), Sebastian Popescu (crew member), Andrei Muşeţeanu (crew member), Andrei Nistor (crew member), George Oprea (cameraman), Cornel Zamfirescu (crew member, translator, mechanic)