Ionuț Pucheanu

The Mayor of Galați

For most of the people of Galaţi, being an ecologist does not mean a formula to be said in dry debates. For the people living here, being an environmentalist means that everyone understands to do something good for the place where they live, and what has happened in recent years in our city can prove that these are not empty words and that we are taking important steps for a clean environment.

Of course, there are always challenges in this mission and the best solutions must be found and applied constantly.

The International Ecology Film Festival - Ecofest Romania "For the Health of the Earth" takes place in Galați in order to confirm the above.
We are glad that our city is hosting for the first time an event of such magnitude, combining a healthy education with an artistic creation.
I am convinced that such initiatives ultimately lead to accurate information and sound awareness.

We have a very important mission: to leave to next generations a healthy environment and I am sure that even through such actions we can achieve our goal.
Congratulations to the organizers for this initiative!


Costel Fotea

President of the Galați County Council

It is an honor and we are glad that this year, for the first time, Galați will host one of the most important ecology film festivals - Ecofest "For the Health of the Earth", an event appreciated and recognized internationally for its contribution to the environment and education, at the same time.

It is a festival whose purpose is to sound the alarm, with the help of the art of cinema and to raise awareness of the need for immediate action to save the environment.
The fact that this festival manages to be an alternative expression for the purpose of environmental education and for young people in particular, is really an extraordinarily important and appreciated thing by all of us. "
Nature is our home and needs our help "today, it needs to be "protected and respected".

Today, not tomorrow, not in next months or years. The future of our children forces us to do everything we can to reduce the effects of pollution. Many experts believe that we are the last generation that can really do something to save it.
However, this festival also has the reputation of an important cultural landmark, the cinematographic creations presented over the years being extremely appreciated by the lovers of the 7th art, and the people of Galati will have the chance to see for free the best genre films from 20 countries on several continents, which says a lot about the value of this initiative and about the work and involvement of the organizers.

Congratulations to those who made such a festival possible, as well as to all the eco-friendly filmmakers at this important event.
At the same time, I am glad that the format of the festival appeals to unconventional spaces to bring this message as close as possible to the community and I assure the people of Galati that we are working and already making large investments for a county and a cleaner environment.

Congratulations to all and good luck in the future!


Lucian Romașcanu

Minister of Culture

A cultural act of tradition and civic commitment, ECOFEST arrives in Galați this year.

I am convinced that the ecological message of this international film festival will resonate with the concerns of those who believe that the banks of the Danube should become an example of how development can be done in full respect of nature, that has been so generous with these lands.

As in each of the previous 12 editions of the festival, the ecological message is brought by internationally recognized artistic quality films and by creators who have put their talent to the benefit of the common good.

Good luck, ECOFEST!


Lavinia Șandru

President EcoFest Romania

For 12 years long, ECOFEST Romania has been using the art of cinema to send viewers a message of hope and responsibility.

The selection of the festival allows the public to get to know real film essays about nature and our role in protecting it.

It is a role that mankind as a whole has not yet taken too seriously, choosing instead to postpone difficult decisions.

In this regard, the festival conveys a sense of urgency, but also of trust in the resources of solidarity that we have shown so many times, beeing able to find them, when important stakes are involved.

We are waiting for you to join us in this ECOFEST trip on the banks of the Danube!


Sorin Stanciu

President of the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania

EcoFest Romania 2022 - An urge to consciousness

ECO FEST Romania - The International Ecology Film Festival holds its 12th edition this year. The sustainability of this initiative naturally gives it an indisputable value among the manifestations of the genre. But not only that! Its educational values, for example, place ECO FEST among the concrete actions in the service of environmentalism.

"For the Health of the Earth" - the incentive motto - the slogan under which this event takes place, having the support of the Galati Municipality authorities , involves, above all, the achievement of a permanent education work, at all levels of society, with priority to young people. We all need to become "doctors" to take care of the health of the planet - the only real wealth of us, the people!

Much can be said about our care, the present ones, for the preservation of the Earth - at least in its current state - many words ... words, words, beautiful precepts, urges without content ... Few facts, however! That is why, from the beginning, the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania has supported and encouraged this initiative of the "European Ecology Initiative" Association , as one of the actual facts that are done in support of environmentalism and ecology education.
Our role, the acting media professionals, of those who want to be “influencers” in society, is precisely to make our fellow men, especially the young ones, to be more aware of the current state of the Planet and the fact that, without care or remorse, we constantly deplete its resources, without putting back what we consume or even waste.

We must not only criticize, frighten the world, create alerts, but it is necessary, more than ever, to explain, to stimulate compliant initiatives, to help a true awareness of the gravity of the current situation, which we are a part of!
This is also the purpose of our meeting, from these days, in Galați!


Gina Brînzan

Teacher, General School Inspector, Galați County School Inspectorate

The planet is suffering and we feel this fact especially in recent years, through climate change. To counteract the effects we must look at the causes, because there is no more time to wait.
We need to think about what has triggered global climate change and intervene on several levels to make the environment more friendly: to the forestation of deserted lands, to clear waters, the green spaces, the forests, to stop dumping rubbish, to collect selectively, to save water and energy, to recycle everything possible, to travel as much as possible on foot or with non-polluting means of transport, to take action when someone does not respect the environment.

All this is made possible by education, school curricula and projects including ecosystem protection issues, the mechanisms that generate pollution, the triggered dangers and the methods and solutions that can counteract them.
We need to educate our children and young people to love nature, to have a healthy lifestyle, in close connectivity with the environment, to get involved in saving and regenerating the planet.

The idea of involving students in EcoFest, both at the International Ecology Film Festival and at the "Free Zone of Indifference" is welcome, as the positive impact of non-formal education on them is well known. They represent the future, and the future of the planet lies in their actions.

We are glad that this year the Festival stops in Galați and that we have the opportunity to support an event that has already became a tradition.


Marin Vladimir

EcoFest România Artistic director, selector

It has become an axiom that the destiny of humanity is inextricably linkedto nature and the quality of the environment.The real, sustainable health and prosperity of mankind are organically linked to the integrity and vitality of the planetary ecological system.

In the current, complex and complicated conditions in which human society is confronted with geo-climatic erosion, starvation, pandemic, war, exodus, dilution of values, etc., the ecology problem is becoming aggravated, requiring urgent interventions. Information and awareness, especially of the young generation, about the major problems of nature and biodiversity are a sine qua non of responsible involvement.

Throughout 11 editions of ECOFEST the tenacity to put the strength of the image, of the documentary film in the mobilization of students, of young people for the protection of nature, it is rewarded by the growing interest with which this cultural-artistic event is expected in all corners of the country.

The city of Galati honors us, getting involved in organizing and hosting the 12th. edition of ECOFEST, which together we want to be successful.



Bogdan Movileanu

România – Film critic, Archivist

Graduate of National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" – Bucharest in 2009. He obtained his doctorate in 2016, the topic of his doctoral thesis "Superheroes of a modern mythology - between film and comics".

Since 2006 he has been an editor and curator at the National Film Archive, and from 2016 he is a member of the Film Rating Commission of the National Center of Cinematography (CNC).

He was the coordinator of the Romanian stand of CNC at the Berlin Film Festival between 2016-2020 and at Cannes - 2015-2019. Co-writer of several student films and he was acting in the short film End slate, directed by Isabella Szanto. Jury member at the 11th. edition of EcoFest, 2021, Craiova.

Starting with 2018, he is the artistic director of the Central European Film Festival, in Timișoara

Călin Stănculescu

Film critic

Is a “veteran” film critic of Romania.Bachelor in Philology of Bucharest University. His career starts as journalist at publications VS, Amfiteatru, Informatia Bucurestiului and others. He is coauthor of collective works about cinema themes like: Cinema 2000, Cinema and Television etc.

Many film reviews published in RL ( national circulation newspaper of Romania). Member in the international juries of film critics (FIPRESCI) at the festivals of Thessaloniki, Sochi, Istanbul, Targoviste, CineMaiubit, B-Fest, Dream Fest- Slatina, ECOFEST Romania, Wonderfest and many others.

He is board member in the film critics association of Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN)

Marina Roman

Journalist, Art Critic, Professor

Marina Roman, member of Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) and founder of Romanian Film Association “Document.Art”, is a journalist, specialized, since 1982, in the field of culture. She is a graduate of the University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest .

In print media, radio and TV, she worked with the same pleasure, being editor, deputy editor or general secretary of the editorial staff. She is also Professor Doctor at the Hyperion University in Bucharest , teaching Television. Her doctoral thesis (published as tome) is entitled: “Theatrical Ambiguity and Liturgical Finality in Andrei Tarkovski’s Work”.

Marina Roman has a rich activity as an art critic and promoter of art, interested to encourage young talented artists. Her faith is that art means emotion. According to this faith, Marina Roman is also a poet: her recent book of poetry – “Fascinating Medusa“ – was and editorial success./She is the author of TV documentaries and also director of the TV talk show Live your art !, which, during 100 episodes, had as guests many cultural representatives of Romania, from film directors to cinematographers, academicians and actors.

Jury member at the 11th. edition of EcoFest, 2021, Craiova.


Simona Allice Man

Expert in ecology and environmental issues

PhD student in Agritourism and Rural Tourism Management at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat "King Michael I of Romania" in Timisoara, with a rich administrative experience, both in the private sector and in the central public administration.

She was Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture, where she coordinated the activity of AFIR and APIA agencies, which develop policies in the agricultural field, in order to reduce the gaps between Romania and Western European countries.She held the position of President of the National Authority for Tourism.

She is currently a consultant on agricultural and environmental policies and is involved in many actions to protect the environment and to develop the environment business respecting the nature.


Selena Costea

Teacher, Teaching Project Manager, School Inspector

PhD student at the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Doctoral School of Socio-Human Sciences. She obtained the Master's degree with the specialization "Identity, interculturalism and multiculturalism in Romanian and European literature" at the "Dunărea de Jos" University of Galați, Faculty of Phylology and Theology.

Selena Costea has a successful teaching career, with multiple leadership positions in education system. She is the author of numerous press articles in the field of education and coordinator of specialized magazines.
She held positions of expert in educational training and coordinator of extracurricular activities.

Currently is Deputy General School Inspector at the Galati County School Inspectorate.




Dan Curean

Professor, Director, TV organizer
Special Guest

Works in media starting 1990, as photographer and editor of the weekly NO, then from 1994 is employed at TVR- public television, Cluj regional studio. He is working as cinematographer, and in the editorial segment as producer, and documentary filmmaker, as well.

He is member of the teaching staff of Theatre and Television Faculty at the Cluj University (UBB).

In 2012 he achieved his doctoral thesis with the title Text and image in the mass-media.

Collaborations with some of major broadcasters in Europe and his filmography includes author documentary productions (screenplay, directing, photography), multi-awarded at festivals in Romania and Europe.
In the previous 11 editions of ECOFEST, Dan Curean was an active participant, and his films have enjoyed success, both through the awards given by professional juries, as well as by the audience. Member of the international Jury of professionals - Ecofest, 11th.edition, Craiova, 2021.



Awards of the International Jury of Professionals

Best Photography Award

Unexplored Spain


Director of photography : Raúl Tomás Granizo, Samuel Pla Benitez

Best Screenplay Award

It's Bean Too Hot

Great Britain, Czech Republic

Director, Camera, Editor: Hedvika Michnova

Best Direction Award

Paving Tundra


Director: Jayme Dittmar

Special Award of the Jury

The Danube Delta pelicans

Germany, France, Romania

A film by: Dan Curean
Photography: Luchian Ciobanu, Dan Curean, Daniel Petrescu
Producers: George Bucur/Kerstin Waltz
A production of: MedienKontor for Arte-Geo Reportage 360


awarded by the Jury of Students

It's Bean Too Hot

Great Britain, Czech Republic

Director, Camera, Editor: Hedvika Michnova