I imagined recently that our life is like a film festival. Lots of reels in a pile, some telling nice stories and pictures, which we would like to see and see again endlessly and others, less successful , which we would like to pass into oblivion, but also some we would like to erase from beginning until the end, to become traceless.

How many reels of each of these categories got the life of our Earth? How many should be kept and how many should be erased? How many reels are still to come? Mother Earth cannot do more than leaving this choice for us. WE are the artistic directors of the Earth’s festival, WE are the directors and also the actors. What’s our choice? To be selfish and mean? We will make ugly and aggressive films, with no chance to win any prize and the set to be destroyed! To be gentle and careful? We will get an Oscar awarded by the rivers, forests and air!

Our heritage for the future generations will consist of a valuable archive, for them to carry forward with proud. Our heirs will watch at our past on the screens and will live their present, as we have screened it.

The future depends on the present, and WE are the present. The future will be ecologist or it will not be at all!


 Lavinia Sandru, President ECO Fest Romania



By the posture and diversity of films presented and interactive events included, the festival aims not simply be a passive reflection of reality, of a status quo, but to function as a tool of knowledge and active intervention, to stimulate and involve a convergent public awareness, of all political, economic, scientific and cultural factors directly involved in the construction and destiny evolution of humanity.

Vladimir Marin
Artistic Director Eco Fest, Selector



An atypical team: usually for each operation are one, two or three people. In our way is  contrary: each one has several tasks. The veterans of this team are Gina Stefan and  Mihai Apolozan – good at all. A big win for the team was the coming of Mariana Pachis, a complete artist, perhaps one of the best in the world in sand art (drawing with sand), but certainly the best in Romania. Lamiita Melu and Codrin “Toni” Mihalache, are mainly responsible for the image of the festival. The production team, although numerically small – Mirela Banu, Vincentiu Popa and Daniel Voica – has an important contribution to every event. 


Cornel Diaconu – Founder of ECO FEST (13.09.1949-23.12.2014)
Producer 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014