Hubert Thuma

Ilfov County Council President

Environmental education is an important step towards a responsible community. It is part of a wider commitment to protecting the environment and promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

With every project related to environmental protection that I proposed, I wanted to inspire people to act for protecting nature and to contribute together to building a healthier and greener world.

Events like the EcoFest - International Ecology Film Festival are welcome in Ilfov County and can make a direct contribution to the general effort to raise awareness of the importance that environment protection has, after all, for increasing the life quality.

Sorin Stanciu

President of the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania

The existence of a tradition necessarily requires a summation of previous successes. I affirm from the very beginning, with conviction: "ECO-FEST ROMANIA" is a successful tradition, proven during more than a decade of uninterrupted existence, even going through some adverse conditions.

An event awaited year after year with the same interest, the International Ecology Film Festival is not only a review, in a competitive spirit, of the most notable and interesting cinematographic achievements with ecological themes, but a cultural manifestation, with an educational target.

Having registered in its specific activity, the mission of public utility, the Union of Professional Journalists of Romania joined with conviction and determination, from the very beginning, to the start given by the "European Environmental Initiative", then, putting its "shoulder" to the organization and development of this complex manifestation.

Along with the film screenings, the workshops, the original ecological projects presented by the young people, the proclamation of that much-appreciated "Indifference-free Zone", all these actions in the program gained the active interest of dozens of young scholar participants.

"ECO-FEST ROMANIA" - an initiative that obliges us to be continued!

Ștefan Rădulescu

Ilfov County Council Vice-president

The development of Ilfov County with respect for the environment is the project that our County Council proposes to citizens, and education in the field of environment protection is an important element of it.

EcoFest is an opportunity to restate the need for an integrated approach that includes the environmental dimension of our development model.

The offering context from this perspective: ecologically themed films, workshops, performances, discussions, all allowing to Ilfov county residents and festival guests from Romania and abroad to enjoy exceptional artistic achievements and, at the same time, to get involved in the joint effort of protecting the environment and the planet.

Lavinia Șandru

President EcoFest Romania

People are increasingly aware that the planet's resources are being exhausted due to the aggression of a consumption that exceeds economic logic, fueled by the primacy of immediate profit, without concern for future generations. We have to protect our home, and that means first and foremost education.

Because adults are often caught in the morass of daily concerns, it can be useful from time to time to reverse the educational process: children to educate their parents, pull them by the sleeve, draw their attention to the fact that there are solutions for waste, by selective collection and reused, that they can save water, that they can turn the Sun into their best friend.

For this, art is a powerful ally: it is an emotional that reaches all age groups, connects people and creates emotion. This is what EcoFest - International Ecology Film Festival - aims to do this year as well.

We look forward to join us in this adventure!

Mircea Fechet

Minister of Environment, Water and Forests

With joy and commitment, the Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests joins the 13th edition of the International Ecology Film Festival - ECOFEST.
This festival is a landmark for raising awareness and to sensitize on the crucial environmental issues we face today.

We are proud to support this prestigious event that brings to the fore topics such as climate change, global warming, deforestation, water pollution and more.

Through cinematography, Ecofest gives us a deep insight into the environment and challenges us to act for its protection.
We are all responsible for the future, and this festival is an important platform for changing mindsets and mobilizing for action.

As Minister for the Environment, I encourage all participants and viewers to be inspired by the films presented here and become agents of change to protect the environment.
Let's work together for a cleaner and more sustainable future! We are all actors in this story of our Planet.

Thank you and I wish you a festival full of inspiration and positive impact!

Adrian Ursu

Executive Manager, Antena 3 CNN Television

Between Media and Medium there is an overlap that is not only related to the 4 common letters in the root but, above all, to a synergy without which the fate of none of them could be better if they did not lean on the other.
A press not addressing topics related to saving nature and the dangers that threaten it means that it is not connected to the real concerns of its viewers, readers or listeners.
On the other hand, to defend itself against those who attack it, nature itself needs a lawyer, and the press can be this defender.

The idea of creating a festival dedicated to young people and nature, film and ecology is, by itself, an initiative to be applauded. But when the idea turns into a continuity of 12 editions, it already becomes a performance.
Even more so when this happens in the country where miracles last only 3 days and any project disappears or is discontinued after the first year of life.

I am glad that Antena 3 CNN has decided to be a partner of this year's EcoFest edition, and I hope that we can contribute to a closer connection of children and young people with environmental issues, because we will expect from them, in a few years, to take care of us and nature.

I congratulate the filmmakers who will be present in the festival for the courage to approach these themes in their productions and encourage them to put their skill, inspiration and creativity at the service of the noble mission that we, as journalists, are trying to honor. Success!

And success now will translate into a guarantee for the future.

Marin Vladimir

EcoFest România Artistic director, selector

In case we think about it, the relationship between man and nature in all its complexity, has an essential characteristic: nature existed before man and will exist after its extinction as a species.

If undisturbed and unmassacred, nature can exist without man, man cannot exist and evolve without nature.

On the adequate understanding and awareness of these relationships depends the future of humanity as such.

Obviously, the young generation is or should be vitally interested in preserving and protecting nature and environment.

The film is the most percussive cultural, scientific and aesthetic instrument for the consciousness of the young generation.

The selection of films presented in this EcoFest edition is diverse under thematic and artistic aspect, and especially able to inform and develop, especially among young people, knowledge and skills auspicious to safeguarding the environment and nature.

Gabriel Lupulescu

Mayor of Bragadiru City

A traditional cultural event, the Ecology International Film Festival - EcoFest, will arrive this year in Bragadiru and Ilfov County.

I am convinced that the ecological message of the festival, one of hope and solidarity, will resonate with the public's concerns, and the fact that the films presented have an internationally recognized quality is a strong argument in its support.

The diversity of complementary activities within the festival will give the public not only the opportunity to spend pleasant moments together, but also to give consideration to everyone's role in the joint exercise of protecting the environment, thus trying to offer a better future to our children.

Adriana Stoica

General School Inspector, Ilfov county

The challenges we face today from the perspective of environment degradation are multiple: global warming, the reduction of the ozone layer, the loss of biodiversity and the depletion of groundwater.

Human activities have an undeniable contribution to this degradation process, and the solutions depend on us. It is essential to have a sound environmental education system that educates children and young people both about the risks of human activity on the environment and about the gains that a healthy, fair relationship with the environment can bring to us all.

This is what EcoFest International Film Festival is trying to do ,in a pleasant and informative frame, which we wish success at its 13th edition.