Lia-Olguța Vasilescu

Mayor of Craiova

I welcome the initiative of the EcoFest organizers to bring, this year, the festival to Craiova, a festival that has represented over the ten years of existence, a unique civic approach and a strong educational message, addressed especially to the young generation.

Craiova is among the few cities in Romania that has a Green City strategy, but also the city with the most beautiful public parks and gardens.

Craiova is in the top of the national ranking with the most green space areas per capita, being the only municipality that can boast about the Gold Medal obtained by the Nicolae Romanescu Park project in 1900, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

And the interest  given, in recent years, to improving environmental conditions and, in particular, urban regeneration has been a priority for us, as a local administration. The urban spaces in Craiova have been transformed into real areas of relaxation and cultural expression, through the involvement of visual artists in their arrangement.

The presence of the EcoFest Festival in Craiova is an additional proof that our concerns for the environment, art and civic education of young people do not go unnoticed. We support children’s performance and encourage the development of a civic attitude among the young generation, adapted to new realities.

Good luck EcoFest 2021 and the best to win!



Our congratulations are addressed to the organizers of ECOFEST Romania and to all those who offered their support for this 11th edition of the festival – partners among whom we are happy to include, Dolj County Council.

We joined the approach because our concerns converge on this major importance aspect, which is the protection of the environment, a direction in which you act through the resources of art,  and we – through the  administration mechanisms.

We are the institution that implements one of the largest projects, with an impact on the entire county, having in its center the selective collection and recovery of recyclable materials.

We are, at the same time, the administrators of one of the largest protected natural areas, the Jiu river Corridor, with over 71,000 hectares, part of the European “Nature 2000” network.

Beyond the investments we make in both cases, either directly or through institutions subordinated to the County Council, awareness and education remain essential components in order to achieve our goals.

It is also one of the reasons why we took the initiative to found a visiting and information center in the South of the county, a gateway to the heart of this green treasure that we manage and, equally, a provider of informal education, in a friendly manner, encouraging the approach of man to nature.  On the other hand, this festival is, without a doubt, an extremely valuable tool of awareness, for bringing to the fore the main issues in the field of environment, and its longevity must be welcomed  and supported.

With chosen consideration,

Cosmin Vasile

President of the Dolj County Council



The impact of our activity on the environment is now greater than ever in history. It is a global problem, but its solution also goes through the way in which each of us relates to phenomena that affect our quality of life in the most direct way.

The mission of the International Ecology Films Festival – ECOFEST is to generate joy, but also involvement.
It is an artistic competition of the best ecology themed films, but also an attempt to change attitudes and mentalities in relation with the environment protection. Ecology has passed in the last decades from the fashion phase to the desire phase, and now it has practically become the only option. ECOFEST wants to be and IS a relay to transmit this message.

We missed the festival audience last year, when ECOFEST had to take place online, so I am convinced that the meeting with the Craiova audience for this year’s edition will be a special one.


 Lavinia Sandru

President ECO Fest Romania



We welcomed and joined with all our determination, the new approach of the European Ecology Initiative Association, which is once again working hard to organize a new complex event dedicated to the forms of ecological education.

In other words – to promote a healthy, balanced life, the respect and preservation of nature, in the service of human beings and other living things on Earth.

       It is natural for us, the Union of Professional Journalists in Romania, which, among our major cultural and social objectives, specific to the guild,

has the educational one, of promotion and strong positive influence, for a change of social behavior of future generations of adults, in attitude towards the environment, but also towards other serious problems of humanity.

We, the media, need to succeed in determining a major, active and courageous involvement in all the dangers that torment humanity and which, most of the time, we create ourselves.

We know that the past editions of this complex event – which traditionally included the International Festival of Ecology Films – ECOFEST – ecological workshops, the actions in the ” Indifference Free Zone ” – enjoyed a large audience and direct participation,

which determined us, this year, to be along with the other organizers.

Together, we want through our collective attitude to send to all, especially young people, an alarm signal against the destruction of the environment, which is currently being done knowingly, but also a call for active involvement, for improvement and stopping of such criminal interventions.

Ultimately, the destruction of nature is a suicide of the Being!

Doru Dinu  Glăvan

President of the Union of Professional Journalists  in Romania


The 2021 edition of the International  Ecology Film Festival – ECOFEST is part of our effort to resume the public events that culture lovers in Romania have missed so much in the last year.

The approach is all the more opportune as we are talking about a festival with tradition, which over the previous ten editions has happily combined the cultural act with the ecological message.

Thus, the event becomes not only a celebration of the film, offered this year to the Craiova audience,  but also an effective vehicle for mobilizing the young generation for an environmentally – friendly lifestyle.

We want to increase the diversity of the cultural offer after such a difficult period for everyone, so that the public from all over Romania will have access to the widest possible offer of options in the cultural area. Good luck ECOFEST!

Bogdan Gheorghiu

Minister of Culture


  We appreciate the fact that talented students from Craiova, Dolj County, have the opportunity to participate in the International Ecology Film Festival “EcoFest Romania”, a well-known event in the area of ecology-oriented fiction or eco-fiction, which appeared after ecology became a scientific paradigm and a cultural and civic attitude.

From an educational point of view, the activities carried out within the Festival have an important role in the development of students’ artistic skills and creativity, in the development of civic spirit and awareness of ecological values.

Today’s students need methods based on interactive social participation and creativity, but also on the possibility to capitalize on what they have learned in everyday life. The question often arises as to how students can be motivated, how they can be put in situations in which their knowledge is tested in the most efficient way and, last but not least, as attractive as possible.

Ecology based education is part of the education for life and many of our students are increasingly receptive to the notions of environmental protection, understand that they live in a polluted environment, that pollution is one of the problems of the modern world and that the future depends on them and the way they will choose to relate to the environment.

Alexandru Gîdăr

General Inspector, Dolj County School Inspectorate


We are in the second year in which the terrible scourge of the Covid-19 pandemic destroyed or affected destinies, economic and social life at national and global level,human communities, cultural, artistic, sports events, etc.

Despite these vicissitudes, with the decisive involvement of the City Hall of Craiova and the Municipal Local Council, as well as with the support of the Dolj County Council, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Education, we managed not to interrupt this year the previous 10 editions of ECOFEST – International Festival of Ecology Films. Moreover, it seems that the importance of environmental issues will be a major one in the World and the post-pandemic society.

All our thanks are going to the jury members, directors, producers and distributors who have agreed to participate in the 11th. edition of our festival, with the most valuable documentaries of ecology subjects.The Jury of professionals, the Jury of students and the general public will view and appreciate a number of 9 environmental films in the Competition section and 8 films in Panorama section – intended for the general public.The themes are diverse, exciting and topical, covering a wide range of geographical areas – from the Far East (Vietnam, Kamchatka Peninsula, passing through Central Asia and Europe, to North and South America (Bolivia).

I hope that in the coming years, together, we will continue with the means of film our fight for a greener, cleaner, healthier world.

Vladimir Marin

Artistic Director Eco Fest, Selector