Marina Roman

Journalist, Art Critic, Professor

Marina Roman, member of Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) and founder of Romanian Film Association “Document.Art”, is a journalist, specialized, since 1982, in the field of culture. She is a graduate of the University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” in Bucharest .

In print media, radio and TV, she worked with the same pleasure, being editor, deputy editor or general secretary of the editorial staff. She is also Professor Doctor at the Hyperion University in Bucharest , teaching Television. Her doctoral thesis (published as tome) is entitled: “Theatrical Ambiguity and Liturgical Finality in Andrei Tarkovski’s Work”.

Marina Roman has a rich activity as an art critic and promoter of art, interested to encourage young talented artists. Her faith is that art means emotion. According to this faith, Marina Roman is also a poet: her recent book of poetry – “Fascinating Medusa“ – was and editorial success.

She is the author of TV documentaries and also director of the TV talk show Live your art !, which, during 100 episodes, had as guests many cultural representatives of Romania, from film directors to cinematographers, academicians and actors.

Jury member at the 11th. edition of EcoFest, 2021, Craiova and the 12 th. edition of EoFest, 2022, Galati.


Călin Stănculescu

Film critic

Is a “veteran” film critic of Romania.Bachelor in Philology of Bucharest University. His career starts as journalist at publications VS, Amfiteatru, Informatia Bucurestiului and others. He is coauthor of collective works about cinema themes like: Cinema 2000, Cinema and Television etc.

Many film reviews published in RL ( national circulation newspaper of Romania). Member in the international juries of film critics (FIPRESCI) at the festivals of Thessaloniki, Sochi, Istanbul, Targoviste, CineMaiubit, B-Fest, Dream Fest- Slatina, ECOFEST Romania, Wonderfest and many others.

He is board member in the film critics association of Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN)

Dan Curean

Professor, Director, TV organizer

Works in media starting 1990, as photographer and editor of the weekly NO, then from 1994 is employed at TVR- public television, Cluj regional studio. He is working as cinematographer, and in the editorial segment as producer, and documentary filmmaker, as well.

He is member of the teaching staff of Theatre and Television Faculty at the Cluj University (UBB).

In 2012 he achieved his doctoral thesis with the title Text and image in the mass-media.

Collaborations with some of major broadcasters in Europe and his filmography includes author documentary productions (screenplay, directing, photography), multi-awarded at festivals in Romania and Europe.

In the previous 12 editions of ECOFEST, the director Dan Curean was an active participant, and his films have enjoyed success, both through the awards given by professional juries, as well as by the audience.

2013 - Baile Felix
Gone Wild - The Story of the Wild Horses
Directed by Dan Curean

2016 – Bucharest
In search of the Huck
Directors: Dan Curean and Dan Păvăloiu

2017 - Suceava
The award given by the television show Duminicall
The Wisent Operation
Directors: Dan Curean and Dan Păvăloiu

2020 - Bucharest (online edition)
Best Photography Award and
GRAND PRIX (awarded by the Student Jury)
Director: Dan Curean
Narrator: Dan Păvăloiu
Photography: Dan Curean, Daniel Sărăcuț, Zoltan Naghi, Cristian Mihai

2022 – Galati
Special Award of the Jury
Danube Delta Pelicans
A film by Dan Curean
Producers: MedienKontor for Arte - Geo Reportage 360 ( France, Germany)

This recent film was selected and presented at The 9th European Ministerial Conference in Cyprus, for environment issues


Nebojsa Pjevic

Serbia – Film and Theatre Director

Nebojsa Pjevic, born 1959, achieved a directing diploma at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 1990, after which he was director of films, theatre plays, and on the radio.

He founded an informal theatre group “ Gestus Teatar” with the aim to experiment with movement, voice and picture in theatre.

At the moment (September, 2023), he is directing a sound-poetic performance titled 'Zrno' ('The Grain'), which has emerged through the fusion of spiritual poetry and ancient Eastern instruments.


-"Southern journey", 1990, documentary
(Awarded The Medal of Belgrade for Photography at Documentary Film Festival in Belgrade)
-"A and Lofoten", 1990, documentary
-"The signs of the times",1990, documentary
-"India dream", 1997, documentary
-"Om Namah Shivaj", 1997, documentary
-"Mela", 1997, documentary
-"Mahakali", 1997, documentary
-"The shadows of Rajastan", 1997, documentary
-"Lumen Divinum", 2000, experimental
-"Pure stream theatre", 2001, documentary
-"Passing by", 2003, documentary
-"The New Orion and Queen Nirdala", 2004, documentary
-"Cross over", 2004, documentary
-"Broken ties", 2004, documentary
( Awarded The Golden Plaque of Belgrade at Documentary Film Festival in Belgrade)
-“Fire dance”, 2005, experimental
-“Ferry”, 2006, documentary
-“Encounter”, 2007, documentary
-“USSo2- Serbia, 2012, documentary

At the 2nd. edition of ECOFEST - 2012, Braila his film ”US SO2 Serbia” was awarded with Best Direction Award.
He was also member of the EcoFest jury at the 4th.edition in 2014, Piatra Neamt.

Bogdan Ionescu

Journalist, Film&TV producer

He started his career as a journalist during the events of December 1989 revolution in Romania.

He launched the first private student newspaper in Romania, which later became the most important daily newspaper of Constanta County.

At the beginning of 1992, he was part of the design and launch team of the national newspaper Evenimentul  Zilei, as head of section and deputy chief editor.

In the mid-90s,  Bogdan left the print media in favor of television. As an editor-director at the Tele 7abc station, he was the author of some very successful reports and documentary films, for one of which being honored with the Grand Prize of the Association of Romanian Television Professionals.

For 11 years,  he was in Canada and the United States, where he worked as a Project Manager for several transnational corporations (contracts: Eastman Kodak, NBC Universal, HP, Walmart, Costco, and others).

Starting from 2009 until now, he is the Executive Director and General Producer of the Buftea Studios Film and Theater Academy and leads the TV and Cinematography Production and Editing courses.