Lithuania  2019

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: RUGILĖ BARZDŽIUKAITĖ
Producer, Sound director: DOVYDAS KORBA
Production company: NEON REALISM

Duration: 60 min. 

Tourists from different countries come to see the dead forest, inhabited by the black birds. The forest recalls a nuclear fallout for some of the visitors, while others relate it to Hitchcock’s The Birds. We see the tourists from the cormorants’ perspective, where they look like a curious species exploring the strange landscape. Gradually, a peculiar story is revealed: there used to be an ancient pine forest, but then several cormorants landed there. Now there are thousands of the birds and they kill the pine trees by…shitting. The human observations and responses to this environment are as multi-layered and bizarre as the history of the forest itself.
Cormorants are the ones who don’t appear to fit the established order. Yet, the impact of these creatures is very ambivalent. On the one hand, they are deadly harmful to one species, but very valuable to another. However, humans feel a duty not only to comment on, but also to control the environment.