Germany, France, Romania  2020

A film by: Dan Curean
Photography : Luchian Ciobanu, Dan Curean, Daniel Petrescu
Sound: Vlad Voinescu
Editing: Dan Curean, Christian Bauker
Producers: George Bucur/Kerstin Waltz
A production of: MedienKontor for Arte -Geo Reportage 360

Duration: 52 min. 

The Danube Delta is one of Europe’s last refuges for pelicans. Hunted and threatened with extermination, these voracious birds were seen under the communist regime as natural enemies of industrial fishing.

Since then, their population has recovered, mainly through the creation of protected areas.

But this return is not to the liking of all the inhabitants of the delta: the last fishermen fear for their means of subsistence.
For them, the pelican remains a formidable competitor.

Instead, environmentalists and biologists rejoice in this restocking and biodiversity of the Danube Delta.