La graine, les particules et la Lune / The seed, the particles and the Moon


A film by : Dune Dupuy
(Screenplay, Direction, Editing)
Photography: Dune Dupuy, Vahe Abrahamyan, Timothee Hateau

Producers: L’argent & Embrassez-Vous Production

Duration: 78 min. 

Planet Earth is suffering, and the young Bouba has just been dumped. It was then that she met a group of biodynamic farmers, taking into account the action of invisible forces.

This is the start of a poetic quest that takes Bouba to unsuspected worlds, to meet humans who propose to broaden our perception of living things. Just because love is invisible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


The seed, the particles and the Moon – Trailer 1 from L'Argent production on Vimeo.