La mesure des choses


A film by: Patric Jean
(Screenplay, Direction, Photography)
Producers: Isabelle Truc, Enrica Capra
Produced by: Iota Production, TAG Film (France), RTBF

Duration: 88 min.

In the Mediterranean, both a real and fictional place at once. Where Icarus threw himself off to burn his wings. Where ships, fishermen, migrants fleeing disaster and saviors meet. And where scientists study the consequences of global warming on the seabed. It’s where evidence reveals itself: has our capacity to measure and interpret the world fallen into an excessive technology? Therefore, losing its meaning to humans and making us burn our wings? What would Euclid and Thales have to say about the rising seas? How would they judge our cynicism?

FIFF Namur, Belgium, 2021 – Special mention of the Jury


La Mesure des choses – Trailer EN from Iota Production on Vimeo.