The Magic of Khortytsia

Ucraina  2016

A film by: Raúl Tomás Granizo
Photography: Raúl Tomás Granizo, Samuel Pla Benitez
Music: Dexter Britain
Producer: Wildglimpses

Duration: 41 min. 

Film presented at the 7th.edition of EcoFest, 2017, Suceava

Khortytsia Island is the largest river island in Europe, placed on the river Dnieper and forms part of the Khortytsya National Park.This is a piece of wilderness in the heart of the industrial city Zaporizhia of Ukraine. The island is a mystical and sacred place, full of legends and myths. It fascinates with its natural beauty. Khortytsia has the magic that is felt throughout, in its meadows, its woods, its cliffs and its waters.