There Will Be Water

Denmark – 2015
Duration: 52 min

Director: Per Liebeck
Photography: Casper Høyberg – DFF
Editors: Jacob Thuesen & Søren Ottosen
Producer: Ulrik Gutkin – Copenhagen Film Company
Co-Producers: Teknopilot, Rebuild Unit (Norway/Norvegia)

Engineer Bill Watts has a quest; to create a saltwater infrastructure in the desert and make greenhouses in the driest part of the planet, thus being able to supply fresh water, food, energy and jobs to a region desperate for all new working solutions.
The idea is simple – bring saltwater into the desert – evaporate it by means of the sun and create fresh water, food and energy in desert. But it is 50 degrees in the sun and it seems that every drop of fresh water requires a drop of sweat.