ECO-mmunication: How we communicate (with) nature

Workshop given by
Narcisa Iorga

In the digital age, being an environmentalist has become a vogue.

We can give up paper as long as the image circulates instantly from one corner of the world to another. Giving up paper, we save forests. This is a stereotype.
IT technology, communications and increasingly high-performance equipment and social networks are available to anyone, from children to the elderly.
Apparently, communication through these means is commonplace.  If everything is so simple, why do we communicate inefficiently about nature?

Why does environmental degradation continue? Why are trees still being cut down illegally? Why do we throw plastic in rivers and on the roadsides?
The ways to formulate a message that is as attractive as possible for as many people as possible, that are understood and  then become convincing depend on the communication techniques.

At ECO-mmunication workshop we learn some communication techniques with nature and about nature, so that we are ecologists not only to be fashionable, but to convince others to be truly lovers of nature.


"Eco-Nutrition" - Let's bring back to our diet the necessary and unprocessed food

Workshop given by
Corina Ifrim Dragulinescu

More and more people are concerned about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which is gratifying because we live in a century in which obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and the complications associated with this disease affect a large part of the population.

Decades of research have produced study after study showing the links between diet and many serious illness.

The doctor says to take probiotics when you are being treated with antibiotics. Our grandparents consumed cabbage juice, pickles, yogurt and homemade cheese, they were making* braga* ( known also as boza or millet beer) or water with shock.

All of these,  naturally contain probiotics and help us stay healthy.

Let's bring nutritious and unprocessed food back into our diet!

Honey is a natural, lively and excellent food. Non-aggressive. Sugar - a product invented by man about 200 years ago, or another super refined sweeteners, are doing only damages to your own body.

There are only a few choices we have to make and our bodies will thank us!


"Photo Workshop"

Workshop given by
Vlad Manolache

What would today's world look like without a photo?

The answer reveals its importance both as historical evidence and as a mean of expression,  that complements and colors our lives.
It lasted a short time, from the moment the camera was invented until the moment when photography was received amid the Arts.
Today, the evolution of technology has made photography accessible to all, but the beauty or banality of a captured frame depends entirely on the one who presses the button.
But how successful are the images we make and how to become better every day, are questions whose answers can be found in the workshop "Photography without secrets".

We will discuss principles, secrets and useful shooting techniques to improve the images we take  in some  ramdon day or in holydays.



The art of the actor - Theater and the art of stage improvisation

Workshop given by
the actor Mihai Baranga

The actor's art has a fundamental role in the development of personality. The exercises of improvisation, speech and stage movement specific to the actor's  art  provoke adults to reinvent themselves, and help children and teenagers  to discover themselves in an intuitive way.

Participants learn and practice the technical means by which any text can become dramatic, deepening the basic rules by which a  "person" can become a realistic and credible "character" on stage - or not, in trivial or exceptional situations. The actor's art, through  its specific techniques, stimulates creative thinking, develops the ability to communicate and adapt socially, frees from inhibitions and restores confidence in  one's own abilities .


The Play button

Workshop given by
Ovidiu Usvat, actor

The Play button - is a workshop in which we will explore different ways in which a story can be told.

The workshop will address some aspects specific to the improvisation theater, we will play, we will discover new sides of our personality and thus we will create tale characters. The moments spent together will be dominated by good mood and active recreation.


EcoArt in scenography (ArtEfect)

Workshop given by
Mariana Pachis, director and sand artist

  • Explaining the scenography: shapes and colors to support the screenplays and the acting game.
  • Active scenography using sand art technique (modeling by drawing in sand) in order  to develop creativity and the use of  imagination.


Film makeup

Workshop given by
Luiza Ionescu, make up designer

Film makeup is a special segment in the sphere of the entire beauty universe and of a major importance in the final filmmaking of the characters. Whether we are talking about contemporary, historical or SF movie, makeup is indispensable.
The materials and techniques used are film-specific(artificial blood, prosthetic elements, solvents, bald skin, fake hair, mustaches, etc.) as well as the tools not specific to the beauty area (spatula, brushes with hard textures).
All these, put into the hands of an expert, give life and value to an amazing universe called cinematography.


The digital revolution - the transformation of the film industry

Workshop given by
Bogdan Ionescu

The digital revolution has transformed film processing, from a polluting and dangerous industry, to a green and environmental friendly industry. Flammable toxic substances and products have been replaced by bits and bytes.  How our habits and lives have changed thanks to film and digital photography.

  • film production: materials, chemical compounds
  • development process: steps and stages, chemical baths, pollutants and / or health hazards
  • the arrival of the first digital camera in 1975. Steve Sasson, the wronged  inventor (how did I met Steve in 2002).
  • how digital cameras and other devices such as projectors, printers are functioning and the contribution of the digital process to environment protection work
  • what digitization means for our daily lives
  • artificial intelligence and its role in changing society, in terms of professional life, hierarchies and new types of social inequalities.


Drawing workshops

Workshop supported by
Mihai Pânzaru PIM

Drawing workshops - making portraits for festival guests and attending public, using special graphic and drawing techniques. Workshops supported by Mihai Pânzaru PIM


"Eco Attitude" - workshop on ecology and care for the environment

Workshop given by
Simona Man

The Ecological Attitude - our chance to succeed in life.

The public will discover how important positive thinking and environmental attitudes are,  how much influence have in our lives  and how we can change things around us when we least expect it, with a minimal effort.
Positive thinking cannot be installed in a restless mind. You need relaxation to calm the agitation of the body and mind. Agitated people are never happy.
The human species has the genetically inscribed fact that it relaxes when it sees the color green.
Maybe because until recently we didn't live surrounded by concrete.

Americans say, "Something that's impossible, it just takes longer to do!"
I also use this line as an example for a positive thinking and in order to succeed in life, one needs a base of at least 5 positive beliefs that will strengthen the inner strength.

We will talk about all this and much more at "Eco Attitude".


Introduction to the profession of journalist. A brief history of the press. Elements of professional ethics

Workshop given by
journalist Miron Manega

Journalism is a vocational profession, for which you need talent, courage and a lot of work capacity.

Based on these premises, the lecture aims to initiate the audience in the complex and controversial universe of the press and journalists, trying to draw some elements of personal morality and professional ethics, including the promotion of environmental values.