Workshop given by lecturer Narcisa Iorga

Children are the most sincere communicators and the most attentive recipients of any type of message.
Communication starts from the first minutes of life, and during our existence it will diversify, get complicated and complicate us, bring us benefits or disservices, depending on how we have learned to use it.
What adults can learn from children in terms of communication and how children can change mindsets, are the topics of discussion in the ECOmunication workshop at EcoFest.


The digital revolution - the transformation of the film industry

Workshop given by Bogdan Ionescu

The digital revolution has transformed film processing, from a polluting and dangerous industry, to a green and environmental friendly industry. Flammable toxic substances and products have been replaced by bits and bytes. How our habits and lives have changed thanks to film and digital photography.
- film production: materials, chemical compounds
- development process: steps and stages, chemical baths, pollutants and / or health hazards
- the arrival of the first digital camera in 1975. Steve Sasson, the wronged inventor (how did I met Steve in 2002).
- how digital cameras and other devices such as projectors, printers are functioning and the contribution of the digital process to environment protection work
- what digitization means for our daily lives
- artificial intelligence and its role in changing society, in terms of professional life, hierarchies and new types of social inequalities.


Documentary film and new methods of expression

Workshop given by lecturer Mariana Pachis

Documentation, information processing, editing and production of a documentary film are done clearly and truthfully. How we compose a documentary is the subject of the workshop presented at EcoFest.
The accuracy of information presentation, the unique notions, the purpose of making such a film are well-marked milestones, necessary for the composition of a thorough production.
The importance of a documentary film is given by certain controversial topics or considered of maximum importance.
Ecology can have that reference that makes it possible to clean up the environment or the "multilaterally developed" society.
The young generation receives information, analyzes, dissects, selecting weed from wheat.
Eco-structures could become that film cutout that would save the planet from all evil, ugliness or dirt.


The art of the actor - the art of stage improvisation and the art of film acting

Workshop given by Adrian Gazdaru

The actor's art has a fundamental role in the development of personality. The exercises of improvisation, speech and stage movement specific to the actor's art provoke adults to reinvent themselves, and help children and teenagers to discover themselves in an intuitive way.
Participants learn and practice the technical means by which any text can become dramatic, deepening the basic rules by which a "person" can become a realistic and credible "character" on stage - or not, in trivial or exceptional situations. The actor's art, through its specific techniques, stimulates creative thinking, develops the ability to communicate and adapt socially, frees from inhibitions and restores confidence in one's own abilities .


Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops

Workshop conducted by Mihai Panzaru PIM

Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops, using the three elements of plastic language - point, line and spot - to make minute portraits, with a pen, brush or pencil.
Workshop conducted by Mihai Panzaru PIM