The unseen side of communication

Workshop given by lecturer Narcisa Iorga

Communication seems to be within everyone's reach, especially in the digital age. We communicate a lot, we communicate diversely, we communicate in complex modes. The young generation masters communication sciences almost natively. Some might say that attending a communication college is unnecessary: everyone knows how to communicate. And yet, behind public communication, regardless of the means by which it is spread, there are always goals and pitfalls. We will talk about the goals and pitfalls of communication at Eco Fest.


"Eco Attitude" - workshop on ecology and care for the environment

Workshop given by Simona Man

The Ecological Attitude - our chance to succeed in life.

The public will discover how important positive thinking and environmental attitudes are,  how much influence have in our lives  and how we can change things around us when we least expect it, with a minimal effort.

Positive thinking cannot be installed in a restless mind. You need relaxation to calm the agitation of the body and mind. Agitated people are never happy.

The human species has the genetically inscribed fact that it relaxes when it sees the color green.

Maybe because until recently we didn't live surrounded by concrete.

Americans say, "Something that's impossible, it just takes longer to do!" I also use this line as an example for a positive thinking and in order to succeed in life, one needs a base of at least 5 positive beliefs that will strengthen the inner strength.

We will talk about all this and much more at "Eco Attitude".


Mistakes made by the ecologists

Workshop given by journalist Mihai Apolozan

Out of the desire to protect the environment, as at the beginning of every project, especially one of the importance and extent of braking global warming, some mistakes were made.

 Also, because not all countries wanted to agree and sign the Paris Pact, the process is much slower. Another reason for the slow down of the project is due to the overly politicized system, instead of letting only the specialists speak out, to conceive new methods of environment protection.


The Word Art on Stage - Diction, wording and Theater
Interpretation Workshop

Workshop held by journalist Sorin Ghilea

The workshop we propose is an educational program where participants explore and can improve their verbal communication and stage interpretation skills.
This workshop focuses on two essential aspects of theater art:

Diction: Participants will learn techniques and exercises in order to develop clear and articulate diction. This involves correct pronunciation of words, rhythm and intonation, as well as voice control.
These skills will help actors deliver accurate messages and make themselves heard in any theatrical environment.

Performance: The workshop will also focus on theatrical performance techniques, including how diction blends with the character's emotions and intentions. Participants will be able to learn how to bring words to life through
vocal expression and body movement,to create engaging and authentic performances on stage. Through hands-on exercises, feedback and extensive stage practice, this workshop aims to develop participants' skills in speech and
theatrical performance, giving them the tools to be more persuasive and effective future-actors in stage communication.


Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops

Workshop given by journalist Roxana Istudor

In recent years, climate change has put journalism all over the world in front of a new challenge – informing and especially involving the public in the fight against the effects of global warming.

All the research are showing, on one hand, that journalists are the ones called to inform the public about the true dimensions of the phenomenon, and on the other hand, that professional adaptation - explanatory journalism and, when appropriate, illustration by example and personal experience - can fill the gap between "distant" disaster news and public engagement and action.


"Eco-Nutrition" - Let's bring back to our diet the necessary and unprocessed food

Workshop given by Corina Ifrim Dragulinescu

More and more people are concerned about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, which is gratifying because we live in a century in which obesity has reached epidemic proportions, and the complications associated with this disease affect a large part of the population.

Decades of research have produced study after study showing the links between diet and many serious illness. The doctor says to take probiotics when you are being treated with antibiotics. Our grandparents consumed cabbage juice, pickles, yogurt and homemade cheese, they were making* braga* ( known also as boza or millet beer) or water with shock. All of these, naturally contain probiotics and help us stay healthy.

Let's bring nutritious and unprocessed food back into our diet! Honey is a natural, lively and excellent food. Non-aggressive. Sugar - a product invented by man about 200 years ago, or another super refined sweeteners, are doing only damages to your own body.

There are only a few choices we have to make and our bodies will thank us!


Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops

Workshop conducted by Mihai Panzaru PIM
Tuesday, October 10 - Thursday, October 12

Ad-hoc drawing and graphics workshops, using the three elements of plastic language - point, line and spot - to make minute portraits, with a pen, brush or pencil.